Decembers Tip - Winterizing your plants

This months tip comes from Jeff Ewing who is a local Landscape and Irrigation Contractor here in Traverse City.

Their Landscape design and work can be seen on the Werner and the Clark Residence that we have completed and are working on right now. 

Jeff writes the following:

"PROTECTING your plants from the harsh northern Michigan winters helps ensure their survivability, even though plants are dormant in the winter, wind, animals or heavy snow loads can cause severe damage or even death to a plant. 

Deciduous shrubs ( those that loose their leaves ) should be tied up using binder twine.  Loop the twine around the base of the plant.  Pull the branches together while winding twine around the plant working your way to the top.  Secure by tying the twine in a knot.

Evergreen shrubs ( such as yews ) should be tied up and sprayed with anti-transparent.  An anti-transparent ( example: Wilt-Pruf ) is a liquid product applied to prevent drying out of wilting.  Broadleaf evergreens ( such as rhododendrons) need special care.  Spray them with an anti-transparent, wrap with burlap and secure with nails.  Construct a shelter around and over the plant using snow fence and plywood.

Ornamental Trees ( such as crabapple ) should be protected from damage caused by rodents by wrapping the trunk with a tree wrap, a paper or plastic material wrapped from the base of the tree to the point where the branches begin.  Tree wrap products can be found at your local garden center.

Animals such as rabbits and deer cause damage by eating the buds and branches of shrubs.  Ropel and Greenscreen are among the many products available that work well to deter animals from making a meal out of your plants."

Check back in the spring when Jeff will be writing more about "Planning your Landscape"

If you have any questions about this or anything related to the landscaping please feel free to contact WoodCraft Custom Built Homes or Jeff Ewing at Traverse Outdoor.  You can contact Jeff at