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The Huston Cottage - Traverse City Michigan

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The Wall Framing

Friday October 19, 07 - The wall framing has started and the rooms are taking shape.

The septic area up the hill is graded off and the septic tanks are at the bottom of the hill.  It looks very nice.


The framing of the walls are underway and the trusses have been placed.  Here you can see the floor joist that are the engineered system.


The Beams that are needed for the second floor are pulled onto the deck with Block and Tackle pulleys.  That's the old school approach.


The is the view to the lake, and looking down into the living room.  At the lake side wall there will be a large glass panel that will open that view to the inside.


The trusses that we are using are attic style and they create the space that is on the second floor.  In the center there will be one of the beams placed and roof rafters.  That's Jeff our site superintendent.


View from the lakeside of the Cottage.

View from the top of the hill where the Septic field is located and where the RV parking has been set up.