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Preliminary Designs
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WoodCraft Design Service:

WoodCraft Design Service can help you with all your design and product specification needs.   Our Design team will take you through a series of checklists and areas that will assure you that the overall design and your concept of the plans has been reviewed and addressed.

David Heim Jr. will assist you in the design and specification of your new home.   While in the design stage you will also be reviewing the budget items and the costs of the specialties that you require in your home.  The list below hits on the high points of the process and we would be happy to talk to you in more detail.  Please call or fill out the form below for more information.

Stages of Design:

  • Complete site preparation and planning.
  • Preliminary design including product review
  • Intermediate working drawings.  From this stage we can give you an estimate on the cost of your new home.
  • Final working construction drawings.  Check out the new link to "Computer Plans" for a picture of what they look like and what is involved.  We have a sample of what to expect.
  • Complete specification and consulting services.

Reference List:

If you would like a reference list, please email our office and we would be happy to email you the list.