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The Norman Cottage - Kewadin Michigan

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New!!!!!  The deck frame is almost done.

Friday September 29, 2006 - The deck frame is almost complete.  We are working on getting all the framing complete.  After that is done we will be placing a temporary deck on it.


The planter box is in place and looks great.  The deck framing takes off from that and runs the lakeside of the house.


The entry deck frame.  Dick Stone is the master deck builder.  There will be additional dirt fill brought in to balance the site and get us to the first step.

There will be a flagstone walk and ramp to the first step.  This will set the scene for the Oriental Garden theme / Pergola at the front walk.

New!!!!!!!!  The drywall has started to be installed.

Friday September 29, 2006 - The drywall has started and they are making progress on covering the walls and ceilings of the house.  Lots of measures and lots of cuts as you can imagine with all the corners in the house.


There is lots of scrap that is cut off the sheets with the amount of angles that we have.  The dumpster is filling up quick!

They will be hanging most of the week next week and then the finishing will begin.

New!!!!!  Insulation is complete

Thursday September 28, 2006 - The insulation is complete and looks good.


The garage is insulated with Fiberglass batts.  The ceilings of the house have been insulated with Iceyene insulation.  ( the yellow colored material)  This product gives us an R-40 in 6" of thickness.


The exterior walls of the house have been insulated with Blown Cellulose insulation.  This material bonds to the wood framing and makes a very tight seal.

The other walls between the bathrooms and bedrooms have been insulated with Fiberglass batts for sound control.


Lite Crete and Siding status!

Friday September 8, 2006 - The lite-crete floor topping has been installed and we the siding is being installed.  There are lots of trim details and siding areas that are very complicated.


The lake side of the house is being worked at this time.


The lite-crete floor topping has been placed over the in-floor heating system.  The lines in the floor are the sleepers that have been placed to install the wood floor.


The gas meter has been set and this gives us a good area to work with in designing the garden area that will be completed.