O'Connell Renovation

O'Connell - 03-21-01
O'Connell - 03-23-01
O'Connell - 04-02-01
O'Connell - 05-17-01

O'Connell Kitchen Renovation 

 Traverse City Michigan

Welcome to our Client home pages.  We will have pictures from the site every week so you can see the progress of the project.  From the demolition of the existing to the final product......check back to see how WoodCraft Custom Built Homes build their homes.  Click on the dates at the side of the page for the pictures from the site.  This is what the Kitchen looks like at this point of the construction.

This is what the completed project looks like.  We have opened up the walk space and by changing the colors of the kitchen have really brightened the look. 

Check out the rest of the pictures from the site.  

Thanks.....The WoodCraft Team