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The Norman Cottage - Kewadin Michigan

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New!!! - Project Status

Saturday, May 26, 2007 - The sub trades have completed most of the work they need to get the final inspections, and the painters have been back working on the exterior.


The bench area in the garage has been started.  There will be a formica top that will be placed to work with the laundry tub.


The porch rail has been final stained.  The glass panel where removed while the final coat was applied.  they will be reinstalled the beginning of the week.


The garage doors have been painted to match the exterior of the house.

The sound system has also been worked on.

We are getting close to the completion.

Project Status

Friday, May 16, 2007 - Lots of work has been completed to date on the project over the past few weeks.  The painters have been very busy with all that is involved.


The base cabinet at the Barrier Free Bath has been set and works out nice.


The Desk top at the Study has been placed and fits into all the corners as expected.  This creates two very nice work stations.


The glass at the shower/tub room has been installed.  There will not be any trim on the shower side of the glass, but there will be a wood stop at the exterior (tub room) side of the glass.


The Bi-Fold doors at the Porch Room have been installed.


The pantry hardware and shelves have been installed and finished.  This will provide alot of storage for can goods.


The mirrors at the Master Bathroom have been installed.  The mirrors at the sinks have beveled edges and have the basic shape of the house in the design.


The access panels to the water filters have been installed and disappear into the wall as expected.


The Bipass doors at the Guest Bedroom have been installed. The floor track fits nicely over the wood flooring and only is up about 3/8" tall.




Project Status

Friday, May 4, 2007 - The ceramic tile on the main floor and the second floor have been completed.


The laundry room tile at the backsplash has been installed. 


The sink tile has also been installed.


The internet antenna has been installed and the base set.


The Study countertop is on the site and is in the process of being installed.


The parking area at the end of the garage works for one vehicle. 



The Oak stair to the lower level has been installed, sanded and the first coat of finish has been completed.



The Hickory stair from the main floor to the second floor has been installed, sanded and the first coat of finish has been completed.


The exterior of the home has a little more to be completed.


The electrical fixtures have been installed as much as they can be at this time.