WoodCraft Custom Built Homes Inc. works with a variety of banks and lending companies in and around Traverse City Michigan.   Listed below are just a few of the companies that we have worked with in the past.  Ask any of them how WoodCraft operates and treats their customers and we know you will be pleased with their comments.

  • Northwestern Savings Bank and Trust:  Call Rod Koehler in the Traverse City area at 1-231-932-6667, toll free in Michigan at 1-800-968-4754 or email him at Rod Koehler.   Their web site is at Northwestern Savings Bank and Trust.

  • Huntington Bank:  Larry Kuhnke can help you with your needs.  Call him at 1-231-922-5858 or email him at Larry Kuhnke.  Check out their online site at Huntington Bank.

  • Republic Bank:  Teri Damman is the person to talk to at Republic Bank.  Call Teri at 1-231-933-9323 extension 17 or email her at Teri Damman.  The corporate site is Republic Bank Corp.  Check back for more information on their local page.

  • Bank One of Northern Michigan:  You can contact Bonnie Dontje at the mortgage department at 1-231-922-2508.  You can also email her at bonnie_dontje@bankone.com   Or you can call on a Home Equity Loan and talk to Cynthia Wilson.  Give her a call at 231-922-2494 or email Cynthia_L_Wilson@Bankone.com  Check out their online banking site at Bank One Online.  You will find all kinds of information about their company and services they provide.

  • Old kent Bank.  Christine Deyoung

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