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The Norman Cottage - Kewadin Michigan

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New!!! - Soffit and Deck details

Friday July 28, 2006 - The soffit's and the decks have also been started.


The deck bonds are being placed around the house where the decks are located.  The flashing is placed over the deck bond to help direct the water away from the side of the house.


The soffit's are being placed at this time also.  Its a balancing act working on the North side of the house.

New!!! - More Siding

Tuesday July 25, 2006 - The siding continues with more trims and details.


The feel of the color is taking shape. 


There is flashing material at all the locations where there will be trim details


The ice and water shield at the bottom of the window is lapped over the row of siding and sealed.


The trim at the tub room and the porch has started and will look great when completed.

The Siding has started.

Monday July 21, 2006 - We have started the siding and its really taking shape.


The siding is all in the garage at this time.  Each pc of siding has a plastic covering that protects the finish.  These are pulled off as the siding is installed.  The corner blocks are being placed at all the exterior fixture locations.


That's Chris and Chris on the siding.  We have started on the garage and are getting the system down.


The siding has flashing behind each joint as it goes up.  After the siding is up, then all the joints are caulked and then the finish coat of stain is applied.


Ken the electrician is having fun with the wire.  We have had up to 7 electricians pulling wire for a week and we are still not done!  The panel at the garage is set for the meters and required disconnects for the house and garage.


The Electrical has started.

Monday July 19, 2006 - We have started the electrical wiring and they are making good progress.

The parking gets a bit busy at times.....but Jeff coordinates it all as you can imagine.


The windows in the master bedroom have been installed and look very nice.  The soffit cans are being installed and are working out.  The silver that you see above the can is the "double bubble" insulation sheet. This will help to insulate the roof from the can.


The orange marks on the walls are the direction of the siding.  That's next!!!