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The Norman Cottage - Kewadin Michigan

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Fireplace Stone and Hearth install.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 - The process is still going on.  Here is the look at the Living Room fireplace with more stone installed.



The finished dimension at the sides of the fireplace and above the fireplace will finish off to be about 15 1/2" each location.


The Porch Room Fireplace is also looking great.


The shower walls and the bathroom walls are also looking great.  The accent tile at the showers adds to the feel.  The seat of the Master Shower has been poured and will be tiled as well.


The Hickory flooring at the Master Bedroom is complete except for a few odds and ends.  The next step is to get sanded and finished.

They have started on the lower level Guest Bedroom.

Fireplace Stone and Hearth install.

Saturday, January 20, 2007 - The hearth stone has been cut for the living room fireplace.



The stone at the porch room fireplace has also begun.


.....and the wood floor at the Master Bedroom is almost complete.  After this is done the lower bedroom will be started.


Shower Ceramic Tile.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - The ceramic tile is being installed on the shower walls.


The barrier free shower walls are being installed at this time.  The tub walls at the barrier free bath have also been installed at this time.  The grout will be the next step.


The floor of the barrier free bath shower.  The floor is such that you are able to wheel into and out of the shower.


The hickory flooring is being installed at the second floor areas.  The closets are installed and waiting to be sanded down and the first coat of sealer installed.


There is a transition board between the ceramic tile and the wood that blends the levels together.  This detail is typical at all areas between the ceramic tile floor and the wood flooring.

Ceramic Tile Status.

Friday, January 5, 2007 - The ceramic tile on the floor is almost complete.  The next step is to start the walls of the showers.


The floor tiles change colors under the door openings.  The grout lines also change in the same locations.


The BF bath area walls have started to be laid out for grout locations.  This is the best layout from the top of the tub unit.


The floor of the BF shower is being installed.  The ceiling of the shower is in and the openings for the shower heads are cut.  This allows the shower tiles to be placed as needed.


The Porch Rm. fireplace hearth has been set and the stones are ready to be installed.  The living room fireplace is ready to start. 


The Hickory flooring is onsite and the boards are being sealed on the backside.  This will keep the wood at an even humidity during and after the installation.