January 06 Pictures


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The Norman Cottage - Kewadin Michigan

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Sill Plate Installation

January 14, 2006 - Today we installed the sill plate on the foundation.  This gets us set for the main floor floor joist installation.





Foundation Backfill

January 13, 2006 - The foundation has been backfilled now.  This will allow us to work around the house alot easier.


As you enter the house location the grades are changing alot from the excavation.


The garage is backfilled and compacted as the sand is placed.


The grade around the house is looking great and the elevations worked out as expected with the front (Lakeside) of the house. 


The foundation drain has a constant stream of water coming out of it.  It is doing the job that it was intended to do.


The straw protects the drain tile from the backfill.


The drain at the egress window is set.  This will drain the ground water from the egress window location and drop it into the footing drain line.

Drilling the Foundation Walls and Foam

January 12, 2006 - We have several locations on the foundation that the PVC lines have to run between the garage and the house for drain lines and electrical lines. 


We use a core drill with a diamond hole blade to cut the concrete and rebar at the locations required. 


The foam insulation has been delivered and we will be starting the process of getting this installed over the floor of the basement and the crawlspace.


The sewer line for the house will run from the house thru the garage and exit the east side of the garage.

The foundation drain location at the egress window is going to have a crock attached to it to drain any ground water that may fall into the retaining area that is going to be completed.  This water will drain away from the foundation and exit at the lake side drain.

Basement Underground

January 10, 2006 - The basement underground has been completed and the bathroom has been placed.  The ejector pump and the sump crock have been placed as needed also.


The sump crock will be ready for having a pump installed in the future if the need occurs.

Foundation Waterproofing

January 4, 2006 - The garage foundation has been finished at this time and the waterproofing has been completed.  The waterproofing is installed around the basement and the crawl space to help protect against potential ground water.

  The garage will be backfilled next to get all the grades around the way that they need too.  The crawl space as well as the foundation of the house get waterproofing.  The common wall between the crawlspace and the basement also gets waterproofing.  Birds eye view of the porch. 

You can now see the tie in between the garage and the house.


The grade has been set at 10" below the top of the foundation wall.  This allows us to work with the finish grade and keep all the surface water sloping away from the house.

Crawl space foundation wall.  You can see the waterproofing over the top of the footings.  The jump between the crawl space and the basement foundation.        The view as you pull into the lot.

The waterproofing is place on the wall and then down over the top of the footing.  By doing this it seals the connection between the footing and the foundation wall.