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The Moody Cottage - Traverse City Michigan

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The Interior Bedroom Renovation has started.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008- We have started the floor framing for the addition of Cameron's bedroom and the new mud room entry to the home.


The floor framing is in place and this allows the heating lines to be placed before the floor sheathing is applied on top.  Some of the base electrical will be done this same way in the next few days.

There is a new window installed at the end of the bedroom and this lets alot of light into the room.  The existing insulation in the walls is being removed and new insulation will be installed in all areas.  The existing insulation had seen some moisture over the years and was not in the best of conditions.


We have installed new supply air lines to the new bedroom, storage room and the new mud room as needed.  We have also added a cold air return in this area to help circulate the air from the furnace.

The next step is to cover the floor space with the 3/4" osb floor sheathing and then the walls will take shape.