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The Norman Cottage - Kewadin Michigan

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New!!!!  Wood Floor - Second coat of finish

Saturday, February 24, 2007 - The second coat of sealer has been installed and really looks great.  With each coat of sealer the wood takes on a fresh look.


At this time all the floors have been coated 2 coats.  We will now cover the flooring with felt paper and then 1/2" OSB sheating to protect the floor while we continue with the project.  The final coat of finish will be installed at the end of the project in May.

Wood Floor - First coat of finish

Friday, February 23, 2007 - The wood flooring has been sanded down and the first coat of sealer has been installed.  The beauty of the quarter sawn hickory really shows up with the finish installed.  There are two more coats that will be placed on the floor before the complete.





This is the first coat of finish.  The second coat was installed today and will be completed by Monday next week.  Check back for additional pictures.


The Tub Room walls are almost complete.  We are waiting on a bit more siding to complete. 


The Living Room fireplace hearth is complete and the grout has been installed and is dryed.  It blends into the stone color and looks great.

Wood Floor install and Porch Room Status.

Friday, February 16, 2007 - The wood flooring is being installed in the living room area at this time.


You can see the beauty of the wood as its being placed.


The Tub Room ceiling is almost complete.  We have started the siding in this room.



The Porch Room is sided and we have to caulk and finish paint the room.  The ceiling and the beams have been completed and look great.


The Mechanical room has been sheeted with osb to make a more durable surface to work with.