December 06 Pictures


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The Norman Cottage - Kewadin Michigan

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The interior stone has started.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 - The stone has been laid out in the house and we have started the installation at the Porch Rm.


The new and the existing sandstone have been laid out and set up in color lines.  The larger pc of stone is the hearthstone that will be the base of the complete unit. 


The tub color is very close to the color of the siding.  The small pc of material is a pc of the side of the tub.

More tile work.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 - After the tile has been grouted the grout is sealed before its covered with rosin paper.  After the paper is taped down then the OSB is placed over the floor and that is duct taped to keep most of the dirt out.



The tile is going on the second floor master bathroom.


The boys on break.  The living room is the staging area for most of the trades.

The ceramic is being covered

Monday, December 11, 2006 - The ceramic tile is being laid out and looking great.


The edges are cut and placed to set the balance of the field tile.  Lots and lots of layout work before you even cut one pc of tile.


The tile is being placed on the main floor and the second floor.  The angle continue to happen with the grout lines.



The Tub Room and the Porch Room windows are placed.  There is still a little more work to be done around these to complete.

The Hot Tub is delivered.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 - The hot tub has been delivered and has been set in place. 


The tub was slid around the garage and then placed thru the slider into the Porch Room.  From there it was maneuvered into the Tub Room where it set waiting for the rest of the work to be completed around it.


The concrete floors are covered with a rubberized sealer before its placed on the floor.  The the tile is placed in the rooms to the angles that we have reviewed.  After that the tile is grouted.  This is Joel and he loves his work as you can tell......and he does a great job.


The Tub Room and Porch Room windows are onsite and are ready to be placed in the openings.  The weather just needs to cooperate with us.


The first coat of paint is installed and the house looks more like a house. 


Things are really taking shape!!!