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The Norman Cottage - Kewadin Michigan

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Foundation Pour

December 30, 2005 - The foundation of the house has been poured and the footings for the garage are also in place.  They foundation walls of the garage will be set after the beginning of the year.

The footings of the garage are placed and ready for the foundation walls to be set.  This is the transition between the crawl space and the basement at the entry side of the house.  The forms have been stripped off a part of the foundation that was poured in the first pour.     

The walls of the basement have been poured and the foundation panels removed.  The location of the egress window and the lower height foundation walls are very visible.

  The grades around the house will tie in very nice.  There are a few locations that we will have to "adjust" as always but it will fit in very nice.  The rebar in the footings ties the walls to the footings.     

The heights of the foundation walls are working well with the surrounding grades.

The footings of the garage.  As you pull into the site.  As you can see.......concrete makes a mess.

Next step........the foundation walls of the garage will be set and the balance of the foundation wall forms at the house will be removed.


Foundation Panels and Installation

December 27, 2005 - The foundation panels are being set in place.  This process takes a few days before the pour can be completed.

 Each panel is set into place with the rebar between the panels.          

  There are metal ties that hold the wall panels together that are left in the wall when the pour is completed.  you can see them at the back side of this picture.    The shape of the house is really taking shape with the placement of the forms.

There are different height panels that are used for the different height walls that we have at the basement and the crawl space locations.

      This is the transition from the basement to the crawl space location.   

After they get all the foundation panels in place they will pour the foundation in three separate pours.


Foundation Setup - Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2005 - The setup for the foundation pour has started and the foundation walls should be poured in the next week.  

As you pull up to the site you can see the cages that are used to transport the foundation panels.  The panels are then pulled and placed to creat the foundation walls.   

The foundation forms are onsite and have been places for getting the forms in place.

The re-bar is set in place at the walls as needed.  The bar will be tied to the foundation forms.  The corner of the house for the crawl space and the basement  The yellow ribbons are the spots of the outside corner of the house.  These have been set with the survey company.   

The re-bar required for the walls has been placed and will strengthen the poured wall foundation.

The entry area with the den in the corner.         

The yellow ribbons on the footing are the locations of the corners of the house.  This was set by the survey company.

Revising the existing driveway

December 13, 2005 - The driveway has alot of water and organic material at a few locations as you drive to the house that dont allow any heavy equipment to get to the house site.  Because of that we had to cut the driveway down about 24" the complete length and then fill in the driveway with sand and then gravel for the drive.



The wind over the past few weeks has taken its toll on the weaker trees at road.  At this time we have cut the balance of the trees off the site, but have left the stumps and the root base intact.

The first thing that we have to do is to remove the black dirt and all organic material from the driveway.    After the black mud and organics are removed the driveway is filled with sand to set a good base for the gravel drive. 

The mud and organic material first needs to be removed.


Then the sand is place over the entire length of the driveway.

      The dozer is placing the gravel over the sand fill and it will be compacted by the dozer and the loader.   

After that has been completed the gravel is placed over the sand and we have a new driveway that we can get the heavier equipment down.

The concrete footings are now ready to be poured and they have been set for this Thursday.  Check back for more pictures from the site.