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The Norman Cottage - Kewadin Michigan

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In-floor Heating and Status of the job

Wednesday August 30, 2006 - The siding and soffit is still being installed but the in-floor heating system and the AC system are completed.  Lots of work to get everything just right as you can see.


The AC system at the Master Suite runs thru the truss cavity and weaves its way to all locations.  Inside of the silver insulation is a wire/foil tube that the AC runs thru.  The ports have been set in some locations by having drywall temporarily place the outlet.  This will be removed when the actual drywall is installed.


The siding is still being installed and the caulking has also begun on the garage.



The garden area of the house.  This is where there will be a privacy fence of some design that will buffer the gas meter and the other utilities from the great living space towards the lake.



The in-floor heat is complete and the sleepers have been placed at the wood floor locations.  These sleepers are what the wood floor will be fastened too.


The manifolds are place that will allow the adjustment of the water/heat flow after the project has been completed.  These allow you to modify the heat in each area.


Diagonal Siding and A/C

Friday August 4, 2006 - The siding has started on the North elevation and the A/C system is underway.


The A/C installation is still going on at this time.  The silver sleeves that you see are the insulated line of the high pressure A/C system.

There are more openings that need to be drilled thru the foundation walls and Concrete Designs out of TC are the people to do it.


The diagonal siding has started at the North elevation and is looking very nice.  The feel of the end of the house is really taking shape.