Young Cottage


Young - Cottage Addition 

Duck Lake,  Northern Michigan

Starting January, 2002

Welcome to our Client home pages.  We will have pictures from the site every week so you can see the progress of the project.  From the demolition of the existing to the final product......check back to see how WoodCraft Custom Built Homes build their homes.  Click on the smaller pictures below to see larger ones.   This is a picture of the cottage before we start the work.  Check back for more each week.



March 15th, 2002

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Young-electrical.1-3-15-02.JPG (143951 bytes)Young-framing.1-3-15-02.JPG (179640 bytes)Young-framing.2-3-15-02.JPG (174596 bytes)

The exterior of the cottage is taking shape.  The windows are in and the rough mechanicals and electrical are complete.  We are getting closer to the drywall stage.

Click on the smaller pictures for larger ones.

February 6th, 2002


We have begun the framing of the addition.  Soon the main floor walls of the addition will be completed.  Click on the smaller pictures for larger ones.

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